Design Round Up



  • Center console unaltered
  • Upper portion of vent and screen repositioned
  • Layering above the dash now flows continuous into the center and interacts with the vents
  • Cutout in the upper section nests the screen
  • Slight overhang over the vent to exaggerate the upper layer


2017 BMW 8 Concept interior


  • Alternative Aston Martin/Bentley inspired three section interior
  • Dash continuously flowing away from the driver to create flow and sense of space
  • Alternatively the flow can be interpreted as sport if the door panels are used to cocoon the driver
  • Natural layering when the different sections interact
  • Allows for the traditional BMW iDrive screen


Basic RGB

Alternative Maserati

  • Simpler laying
  • More obvious trident cue inside created by the vents and the clock
  • Center stack area reworked to be sleeker and cleaner
  • Center line continues into the armrest area to exaggerate the trident cue
  • Non-conventional side vents to compliment the center vents
  • “Inside” area more flexible, allows for trim piece and ambient lighting

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