Design Roundup

Basic RGB


  • Adding layers to the current design. Have sections visibly layered on top each other (similar to Ferrari GTC4) rather than just being different sections
  • The layers are cut out of the existing sections while additional details can be added to the center stack and console
  • Necessary steps to differentiate Maserati design from Jeep design

Basic RGB


  • Base off of the Gulia design with hints of Mazda, Audi, and BMW
  • Emphasis on the symmetry between the top of the dash and the bottom
  • Robust shapes: more compact top and bottom areas give a sporty feel while more upright top and bottom areas will make the dash more luxurious
  • Additional interaction between the top of the dash and the gauge cluster similar to supercars, which will add to the sportiness
  • Reintegrated head unit is unsuitable for touchscreens given the distance


Basic RGB


  • Revised center area while the dash remains true to its origins
  • Vertical stripes (in line with the dash rather than raised) that continue onto the center console breaks up the center visually while providing continuity into the console
    • Additional area for body color treatment, making the transition from body colored element on the dash to the center console less jarring
  • Protruding vents for all four air vents
  • Screen that is “layered on top” of the veneer and the dash without any surrounding elements, giving the dash a more modern and youthful look
  • A screen surface right below the usual touchscreen as per Porsche’s concepts
  • There must be redundant physical controls present beside that screen surface
  • Alternatively only the drive control selections around the shifter should be made into a screen surface like the Panamera while redundant audio and climate control resides right below the touchscreen

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