Automotive Design and You

At Automotive Aesthetics, we are here to pick apart all the modern designs from the outside to the interior.

The design elements of a car is so often overlooked and taken for granted; most reviewer videos and blogs will usually only talk about the stats and driving dynamics, while leaving out or just casually mentioning the design of the car. That makes sense (not the talking about driving dynamic part because that does not make any sense, what’s the point in talking about it? It’s as useful as describing sex or getting shot.) because we don’t want to get controversial and turn people away but sometimes it just creates that elephant in the room. In this case an intricately designed elephant that took millions of dollar to design, only for it to look deformed.

You can argue to death with an art historian about objectivity in art. However in the case of auto design, it certainly is not purely subjective because it really shows in the sales department. The 2016 Honda Civic outsold the 2016 Toyota Corolla with its updated (and superior) looks, meanwhile Corollas are usually more popular than Civic, as shown by 2015 and 2014 sales figures. Further more, interior designs also have a huge impact on the sales, as showcased in the jump in the sales of Dodge Challengers.

But let’s be idealistic for a moment and get away from the money side of things and dive into your thoughts. If I were to ask you to name and justify your favorite car, what would you say? What will be the justification that best justifies your love? The first instinct might’ve been a string of numbers and stats, before going onto comparisons, just like how they taught you in car review videos. But think back even further, the first time you made your mind about your love, be it muscle or import, AMG or Porsche. When you’ve first fallen in love, you cannot possibly fallen just for a series of numbers and records, it was because of the design, the design that instinctively makes you go “that’s really cool”. The design is what caught your eye and lured you to look into the car, before you could’ve quoted all the stats and facts, and then subsequently making it your favorite.

Objectively the best looking car ever produced.

The very first thing you learned about your favorite or your dream car was the design and everything else sprung from that. It was the gateway to the world of cars and it is what made you interested in cars in the first place.

Back to the present. Hopefully I’ve convinced you the importance of a car’s design and why it matters. With this new found perspective, we are going to take a look at some of the hottest cars right now, and check if they are really as great as people say.